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<   No. 1844   2008-02-13   >

Comic #1844

1 {scene: An airfield near Rome}
1 Monty: I've secured us air transport to Paris. There's only one small issue...
1 Prof. Jones: Oh?
2 Monty: They don't have any pilots free at the moment.
3 Minnesota Jones: Not a problem. I can fly a plane.
4 [caption]: Half an hour later: {the plane is in the air, with Minnesota Jones at the controls}
4 Minnesota Jones: So what does this button do? Ha! I kid...
4 Monty: Grandad!

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Following hard on the heels from yesterday, the plane in this strip is from one of the LEGO Indiana Jones sets.

2018-09-30 Rerun commentary: I would have liked to make the final photograph with the plane propeller spinning rapidly so it was blurred out in the photo. But given a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second or so, the prop would need to be spinning at roughly 2000 rpm for decent blur.[1] I'm not sure if a LEGO propeller can sustain such a speed, and I certainly don't have any means of inducing one to spin that fast.

These days I'd probably add motion blur in Photoshop.

[1] A third of a revolution (since the propeller has three blades) every 1/100th of a second. Which means 100/3 revs per second, or 100*60/3 = 2000 revs per minute.

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