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<   No. 1877   2008-03-17   >

Comic #1877

1 Charon: Have you each a coin for the Ferryman?
2 Jamie: You're picking us up midstream. Surely it should be half a coin each.
3 Charon: <sigh> Very well. One coin for the both of you.
4 Adam: American Express?
4 Charon: Visa or MasterCard only.

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When you're dealing with a supernatural entity in the afterlife, you really need a credit card that's widely accepted.

And I mean widely.

2018-11-02 Rerun commentary: You can tell Charon isn't Japanese, or he'd also take JCB[1] and Suica[2] cards.

[1] JCB is a Japanese credit card company. This is the sort of thing you may be expecting.

[2] Suica cards are the cards originally designed as stored value cards for use on Japan Rail (JR) trains in the greater Tokyo area. You add some cash to the card at various machines located at train stations, you tap the card when you enter a station, and again when you leave, and it deducts the correct fare. So far, so good.

But Suica cards are also accepted by many vending machines, and increasingly as a tap-to-pay system at convenience stores and other shops. It has expanded in use so much that it's now essentially a de facto electronic cash system in Japan. You could pretty much make a deposit on a home loan using a Suica card.

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