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<   No. 1885   2008-03-25   >

Comic #1885

1 Jamie: So you're Charon. Can you take us to the other rivers of the Underworld?
2 Charon: I can take you to any place where water flows.
3 Adam: Like San Francisco Bay?
4 Charon: Why? Did you leave your heart behind?

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Don't leave your heart there..

2018-11-10 Rerun commentary: I admit my concept of Charon is somewhat based on how he's presented in Dungeons & Dragons, specifically the good old Advanced (First Edition) rules, as laid out in the Monster Manual 2 and Manual of the Planes. In this setting, the River Styx flows through all of the evil-aligned outer planes of existence (i.e. the Underworld): the Nine Hells, Gehenna, Hades, Tarterus, and The Abyss. It is also said to flow in obscure and unseen places on other planes, including desolate regions of the Prime Material Plane, where mortals live. So Charon, who plies the waters of the Styx, can indeed take travellers to any of these places.

This Charon is perhaps a little more powerful, in that he can access any body of water. Though perhaps they are all connected to the Styx.

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