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<   No. 188   2003-08-01   >

Comic #188

1 Haken: The Brasilian National Museum. The Mayan Codices are inside.
2 Erwin: Ve just valk in und take them?
3 Haken: Of course we do, Erwin! What do you think this is, a shopping trip? We're Nazis!
4 Erwin: I fear history vill not judge us kindly, Herr Kolonel.

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2012-06-05 Rerun commentary: Oh, I guess that answers that question. The National Museum of Brazil, then. I really should read ahead a bit when writing these rerun comments.

That museum is located in a park in Rio de Janeiro, presumably not far form where Haken and Erwin landed their zeppelin. So given that they were hacking through the jungle in the previous strip, the park must be somewhat overgrown.

EDIT: Reader Daniel writes:

I've visited the park where the museum is located. It's not really a jungle, but it can be dense enough to use a machete in some trees, if the Nazis want to. I just wanted to confirm that the strip has some sense.
While on the other hand, reader Henk writes:
Alternative explanation: Haken was correct when he said "Erwin, I really don't think this is the way to the National Museum".

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