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<   No. 1880   2008-03-20   >

Comic #1880

1 Villager: Footcrag and Cragfoot are like two parts o' the same village, really. People travel back and forth using the teleport gate regularly.
2 Villager: Cragfoot's smith - who has no tongue by the way - lives here in Footcrag, and goes to and fro each day.
3 Villager: And there's a monk who's taken a vow o' silence who does the opposite to tend to our spiritual needs here in Footcrag.
4 Kyros: Ah. So they're co-muting.

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Of course, if the monk could shoe horses and the blacksmith could copy and illuminate holy texts, they'd also be co-muting.

2018-11-05 Rerun commentary: The blacksmith and the monk also work as the village judges, the blacksmith is the judge for Footcrag, while the monk judges cases in Cragfoot.

For particularly heinous crimes, or ones that cross jurisdiction between the villages, both the blacksmith and the monk sit on the bench and try to reach a unanimous decision between the two of them. The last time this happened was when a villager was accused of murder and found guilty. The maximum sentence was execution, but they co-muted it to permanent exile from the villages.

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