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<   No. 1881   2008-03-21   >

Comic #1881

1 Wendy: Now, the treasure. I be havin' the map, and ye be havin' the muscles fer diggin'.
2 Wendy: That way. Get walkin'!
3 Ponsonby: What makes you think an officer of His Majesty's Royal Navy is going to sully his hands with manual labour?
4 Wendy: I also still be havin' the pistol!
4 Ponsonby: An uncouth point, but a point nonetheless...

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I just want to say that that map piece is one of my favourite individual Lego pieces of all time.

A reader writes, pointing out that this sort of pistol can only fire a single shot before reloading, and that Wendy has already fired it once. He suggests Wendy's line here should be:
Wendy: I know what you're thinking - did I fire one shot, or just none. In all the confusion, I'm not so sure myself. Bearing in mind this is the most powerful muzzle-loading pistol in the world, and could blow your head clean off you gotta ask - do you feel lucky, punk?

2018-11-06 Rerun commentary: Notice how I cleverly hid the pistol in panels 1-3? You can just see a tiny bit of it in panel 3 by Wendy's side, but you'd never notice it if you weren't looking specifically for it.

Those are some short palm trees.

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