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<   No. 1900   2008-04-09   >

Comic #1900

1 Morzeny: Colonel Klebb, welcome to SPECTRE Island.
1 Klebb: My time is limited. Is the man I requested ready?
2 Morzeny: This way.
3 Morzeny: Grant!
4 {Grant walks over}
5 [sound]: {Klebb sucker punches him} Sucker punch!!
6 [sound]: {Grant strikes back} Smack!
7 [sound]: Wham! Chop!
8 [sound]: Thump! Kick!
9 Morzeny: Well, Colonel?
9 Klebb: {weakly, on ground} He'll do...

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One of the iconic scenes in From Russia With Love is where Colonel Klebb goes to SPECTRE Island to see the agent Grant. She sizes him up, checking his muscular physique, and then turns to surreptitiously slip on some brass knuckles, before swinging hard into Grant's stomach.

In the movie, he takes the punch with barely an exhalation of breath, and stands there resolute, waiting for an order.

I figured this reaction would be a better judge of his combat skills.

2018-11-25 Rerun commentary: In the film, Colonel Rosa Klebb is a diminutive old woman, and Grant is a huge man towering a head taller than her. It's a shame I couldn't replicate their size difference with minifigures, as that would have added to the humour.

I was just going to find a still photo from the film to show you, but heck, here's a YouTube video of the entire scene summarised in this comic. You might find it interesting how closely I followed the movie script and visuals (and where I skipped bits for the sake of brevity).

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