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<   No. 1913   2008-04-22   >

Comic #1913

1 [caption]: Istanbul {establishing aerial shot}
2 {Tatiana emerges from the Russian embassy with a friend}
3 {They exchange parting words}
4 {She walks the streets of Istanbul...}
5 {... to a remote and secret rendezvous location}
6 Tatiana: {saluting} Corporal of State Security Tatiana Romanova.
6 Klebb: Come in. You know who I am?
7 Tatiana: Colonel Klebb, head of operations for... for SMERSH.
8 Klebb: Corporal, I have selected you for a most important assignment.
9 Tatiana: Does it involve pretending to be in love with a handsome British spy?
9 Klebb: No. This man. {shows photo of James Stud}

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The panoramic opening shot is by Mehmet Y. S., from Wikimedia Commons. That image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0; therefore, this modified comic image including that work is also licensed under the same conditions.

The building in panel 4 is the Ortakoy Mosque, photo by noutsias from MorgueFile.

The backgrounds in panels 2, 3, and 5 are my own photos, and actually shot in Germany, not Turkey.

2018-12-16 Rerun commentary: I'd love to visit Istanbul one day. It's long been on my desired list of destinations, but I've never managed to get there yet. I suspect it's been on my list specifically because of the movie From Russia With Love actually. If there's one thing James Bond movies know how to do, it's show off exotic locations.

The background photo in panels 2 and 3 is from Berlin I believe, and the one in panel 5 is a shot of the Fürstenzug wall in Dresden. This isn't the exact photo I used for the background, but one I shot just a minute or two apart from it:


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