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<   No. 20   2003-02-09   >

Comic #20

1 Terry: Mail for you, Steve
1 Steve: Bewdy! Open 'er up, Terry.
2 Terry: Oh no!!
3 Steve: What is it? Another reptile species on the endangered list? Old growth forest logging in a sensitive wilderness wildlife habitat area? Government zoology research funding slashed?
4 Terry: Your life insurance premium is going up again.

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2011-11-22 Rerun commentary: Steve has finally ditched his hat, trading it for his signature blonde locks. He originally had a hat because of a misremembering on my part. I think I was getting Steve Irwin (on whom Steve is not based) mixed up with various other stereotypically Australian wildlife and wilderness personalities.

By this strip, several readers had pointed out my error, and from now on Steve eschews hats or headgear of all kinds.

We also see here that, contrary to popular belief, Steve is very well educated and up to date with pressing issues concerning topics related to environmental and wildlife study and preservation. He just needs someone to read his mail out to him.

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