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<   No. 19   2003-02-08   >

Comic #19

1 Serron: Laser swords!
1 [sound]: WOOOHM! WOOOHM!
1 Jar Jar: No! Meesa...
2 [sound]: WOOOHM! WOOOHM! WOOOHM! WOOOHM! WOOOHM! WOOOHM! WOOOHM! {Jar Jar is beheaded}
4 GM: Okay, the fight's well and truly over. You can stop making those silly sword noises.

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2011-11-21 Rerun commentary: Nineteen strips into my comic, and I've already killed Jar Jar Binks! Is that a record for a webcomic?

This is the first time I used sound effects in a comic. I went with a textual style that would be used again only a few times.

I really like that third panel, where the characters, having successfully killed Jar Jar, are now just waving their cool flashy swords around for fun.

And mysteriously, the black sky from the previous strip is now a white sky! Oops. I guess that shows I didn't make these two strips in one shooting session. I think at this point of the comic I was still pretty much making one strip per day, just in time for it to be published. Oh how naïve we all were in those innocent days!

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