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<   No. 2009   2008-07-27   >

Comic #2009

1 Martian 2: The Earthlings are planning a mission to deflect the asteroid.
2 Martian 1: Has our local agent recovered?
3 Martian 2: Yes. Fortunately we gave her full regeneration capabilities.
4 {scene change: a NASA facility, where Ishmael is meeting a NASA representative}
4 Ishmael: Loren Ipsum? That's a strange name.
4 Loren: Don't read any meaning into it.

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The NASA Insignia is a public domain image, although its use is restricted by Title 14, Chapter V, Part 1221 of the US Government Code of Federal Regulations. Basically it says you can't make a profit from it without NASA's permission, nor use it to imply that NASA endorses your product. (NASA endorse Irregular Webcomic!? Yeah, right...)

At least I think that's what the huge mass of legalese documentation I waded through decodes to.

2019-10-27 Rerun commentary: Just looking at the stuff about the NASA Insignia again... it's in the public domain, but its use is restricted by federal regulations? Isn't that contradictory?

I'm sure some legal expert will point out how it's not contradictory, but it sounds contradictory to me. If usage is restricted, then it sounds like it's not really in the public domain. *shrug*

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