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<   No. 2010   2008-07-28   >

Comic #2010

1 Paris 2: We're approaching Eisbach.
2 Paris: Oh no you don't! As pilot, that's my job!
3 Paris: Everyone, we're approaching Eisbach.
4 Serron: It's your job to announce what's blindingly obvious by looking out the window? {a huge planet looms outside the cockpit window}

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This was tough to photograph, since I wanted to restrict the amount of the windows visible in the first three panels. Which is hard when they're basically ceiling to floor windows that extend left and right as far as we ever see. Since that's all of the Legacy control room we ever see. There are no opaque walls to the control room on my Lego model set.

2019-11-02 Rerun commentary: This joke sounds like I borrowed/homaged it from Galaxy Quest.

Which is a good thing to homage.[1]

[1] I know several dictionaries only list "homage" a noun, not a verb. But this is English and, frankly, you can verb practically any noun you care to name and people will understand it. Interestingly, Wiktionary does list two verb usages of "homage", however it marks them both as "obsolete"!

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