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<   No. 2025   2008-08-12   >

Comic #2025

1 {scene: inside the Legacy, on the landing platform on Eisbach}
1 Quercus: Uh oh. The market for water worm spice here on Eisbach has collapsed. Our cargo is worthless!
2 Spanners: But it's only been two weeks since we were here! How could that happen?
3 Serron: Is it the space-time continuum unravelling?!?!
4 Quercus: No. Someone arrived just before us with a huge cargo, saturating the market.
4 Serron: Boooring.

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Yeah, I've always found economics to be pretty dull stuff.

Oh, the two weeks Spanners is referring to actually happened some time ago in our timeline.

The background here is a shot of the German Alps, by the way. Eisbach struck me as a Germanic-mountainy sort of planet.

2019-12-22 Rerun commentary: ... As much as a planet can be "Germanic-mountainy".

(Sometimes I think the comments I write here would make brilliant entries for Comments on a Postcard. They'd be utterly cryptic without context.)

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