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<   No. 2142   2008-12-07   >

Comic #2142

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: So what's going on here? And how can the Nigerian Government make money out of it?
1 {in the foreground, a rat runs across the Finance Minister's office}
2 {a white cat chases the rat across the office}
3 Ponsonby: Hmmm. Something weird is happening. This man has turned into a stereotyped parody of himself.
4 Long Tom: Arrr! Shiver me timbers! Lucky that sort o' thing nay be happenin' to me!
4 {the rat disappears off screen, followed by the cat}

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Yeah, you don't want your pirate characters to be stereotypes in any way.

2021-02-06 Rerun commentary: There are quite a lot of professions that are stereotyped as characters in fiction.

The used car salesman is a sleazebag. The young waitress is always aspiring to be an actor. And the milkman is always having an affair with the housewife.

Scientists come in two types: the Mad, and the Highly Reasonable but unable to convince authorities that disaster is imminent. Authorities such as Mayors and Governors are always more interested in keeping business running than listening to scientists.

If you put all these stock character stereotypes together... you have an ensemble disaster film.

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