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<   No. 2195   2009-01-29   >

Comic #2195

1 Jamie: Well, we've failed to create the Universe in seven days. Myth busted!
2 Adam: Now, as is our usual practice, we see what it actually takes to produce the effects of the myth.
3 Jamie: According to a competing theory, the Universe was created in a Big Bang.
4 Adam: All right!

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This is my only problem with the real life MythBusters. They don't think nearly big enough.

2021-08-08 Rerun commentary: I guess the Steady State model wasn't exciting enough for them to consider testing.

I remember growing up as a kid and being interested in astronomy, and reading books about it from both the school and public library. They must have been old books, because I recall them mentioning the two competing cosmological theories: Big Bang and Steady State, and going through the pros and cons of each one, as if they had a roughly equal chance of being correct and nobody knew for sure. But given that the Big Bang basically won the competition in 1964 when Penzias and Wilson discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation, the question was pretty much settled in the minds of professional astronomers even before I was born. So I learnt from these old library books an unsettled question that no longer existed.

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