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<   No. 2229   2009-03-04   >

Comic #2229

1 Monty: I have a really bad feeling about this.
1 Prof. Jones: That's putting it mildly, Junior.
2 {beat}
3 Monty: Is everyone here?
3 Sallah: Yes, Monty. But I think the horses got left behind.
4 {beat}
5 Monty: I guess this is it then.
5 Minnesota Jones: The final oblivion.
6 {beat}
7 {beat}
8 Monty: We've been falling an awfully long time.
8 Prof. Jones: Yes. I could use a snack.

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Mmmmm.... Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich...

2021-12-05 Rerun commentary: This comic was tricky to format for the Cliffhangers book collection, let me tell you. I ran it down a full page of the book, but to avoid having any ugly gaps I wrote some extra comics to fill space, and inserted them into the story. The only place you'll see those comics is in the book. Oh, there's also a family tree of the Joneses going all the way back to Maine Jones, and 1930s style maps showing their travels across the world with dashed red lines. And fragments of an Indiana Jones parody comic that I draw back in my school days!

158 pages of printed Cliffhanging fun can be delivered to your door by the fine webcomic publishers at Topatoco.

(Yes, this is an ad... I want to sell some of the stock!)

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