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<   No. 2303   2009-05-17   >

Comic #2303

1 Boy: Mr Newton, Mr Newton! The queen wants to give you a knighthood!
2 Isaac Newton: Well, finally some just reward for all the hard work I've done, inventing scientific principles and new branches of mathematics.
3 Isaac Newton: It will be good for my name to forevermore be associated with my greatest achievements.
4 Boy: She says those little pastries with fig in them were delightful!

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It says something interesting about the modern world that I can very easily make a joke that is easier to understand for people of a foreign culture than to people of my own culture.

The only reason I know about Fig Newtons at all is because of imported American TV shows. They don't exist here in Australia, and I've never seen one, let alone eaten one.

Yet I can come up with a comic like this, off the top of my head. Just stop for a minute and think about what that means about society and culture today.

2022-05-28 Rerun commentary: Checking now what Fig Newtons look like (I actually had no idea until a few minutes ago), it seems that we do have a roughly similar sort of biscuit here in Australia: Arnott's Spicy Fruit Roll. Although reading the ingredients list, there are no figs in it - the fruit filling is sultanas, currants, raisins, and mixed peel.

I actually had to search for the name as I didn't remember what the official name was - nearly everyone calls them "fruity pillows". At least in my experience.

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