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<   No. 2318   2009-06-01   >

Comic #2318

1 Terry: So that's how you met Jane Goodall?
1 Steve: Yeah!
2 Terry: And you're partly responsible for the President of the United States being an Allosaurus?
3 Steve: Crikey, don't you believe me?
4 Terry: Well, it would mean you've done something sensible and for the good of the world...

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Lest it be misinterpreted, this is an anti-politician joke. It'd obviously be even better if all the world leaders were replaced by dinosaurs.

2022-07-02 Rerun commentary: In one of my online ethics classes for kids recently we were discussing the topic of ghosts.[1] I asked them to imagine a hypothetical world in which ghosts existed and were normalised in society - everyone knew they existed and ghosts played an active role, doing jobs and so on. And then I asked in such a world should ghosts have rights similar to living humans? Should they be allowed to vote? What sort of things might happen if ghosts could vote? Could a ghost become a world leader?

[1] Yes, I run classes on some very interesting topics as part of this ethics course. Some other questions I discussed with the kids:

Is it okay for someone to claim to be a clairvoyant and to be able to communicate with dead spirits, if doing so brings comfort to someone who believes they have been given the chance to communicate with a dead loved one?

Is it okay for a tourist attraction to claim to be haunted, and offer "ghost tours" where guides tell ghost stories as if they were true?

Is it okay to work as a "ghost hunter", claiming to be able to rid haunted houses of ghosts, if the clients believe it and gain peace of mind?

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