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<   No. 2335   2009-06-18   >

Comic #2335

1 [caption]: A mysterious airship, somewhere over the American midwest:
2 Martian 2: We're losing altitude.
2 Martian 1: Release ballast!
3 Martian 2: Is there any particular reason our ballast is fish?
4 Martian 1: Fish occur naturally on Earth. Nobody will think it strange for them to fall from the sky.
4 Martian 3: Release the chips too?

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Rains of fish and other animals are one of the bizarre things that does actually seem to happen from time to time. There are many reports of such things, with some confirmed by more or less reliable sources.

The usual explanation for this phenomenon is that it is caused by unusual weather conditions, such as a waterspout sucking up fish or frogs from a source of water. Once airborne, the animals may be distributed some distance away by storm winds until they fall back to Earth.

Some people prefer to see such events as evidence of mysterious weirdness outside the edges of science. But now we see that even the oddest cases have a rational explanation, involving nothing more unusual than Martians.

2022-07-29 Rerun commentary: ... involving nothing more unusual than Martians in airships.

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