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<   No. 2350   2009-07-03   >

Comic #2350

1 {scene: Giuseppe's pizzeria}
1 Ishmael: What are you doing, Giuseppe?
1 Giuseppe: {working on a circuit box on the wall} Rewiring the pizzeria.
1 Ishmael: Are you a licensed electrician?
2 Giuseppe: I'm a direct descendant of Allesandro Volta! My family invented electricity!
3 Ishmael: You know, the guy who designed the Titanic died on board when it sank.
3 Giuseppe: Was he Italian?
4 Ishmael: Irish.
4 Giuseppe: Bah!
4 [SFX]: Zap! {spark zaps Giuseppe}
4 Giuseppe: Ow!

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There is a Wikipedia page with a List of inventors killed by their own inventions. I was hoping to find someone really famous on there. Marie Curie is the most famous name on the list, but since she didn't really invent radiation as such, I felt that was kind of cheating. I settled for the Titanic engineer, Thomas Andrews, since even if people don't know his name, he's easy to describe.

I was really hoping for something along the lines of Alexander Graham Bell having died during a tragic phone booth stuffing incident or something. The cosmic irony inventory on causes of death of famous inventors is critically low.

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