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<   No. 2409   2009-08-31   >

Comic #2409

1 Lambert: How about we ride some Giant Eagles and fly over the mountains?
2 Mordekai: Now there's an idea! Let the Eagles do all the work!
3 Lambert: There you go. There's my contribution to this quest.
4 Alvissa: You don't know any Eagles, do you?
4 Lambert: I figured Kyros could summon them.

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I don't think he means that type of Giant Eagle.

It's weird the things you find when you Google otherwise completely innocuous stuff. I had no idea this thing existed before. Yet it's the first Google hit for the phrase "giant eagle".

I was actually looking for something more like this. Or perhaps like this, which is in a sense even cooler, since it really existed.

2023-03-05 Rerun commentary: It's a well-worn question about The Lord of the Rings: Why didn't Gandalf just get the Giant Eagles to fly the Ring to Mount Doom?

There are various answers such as Sauron would have noticed and sent the Nazg├╗l or something to stop them (whereas after the Ring got nixed, he was too busy losing his physical body to deal with the eagles picking up Sam and Frodo).

But I prefer to just think that Gandalf didn't think of it, and smacked himself in the forehead later when he realised.

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