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<   No. 2413   2009-09-04   >

Comic #2413

1 Martian 1: Okay. We need to conduct Earth operations more carefully from now on.
2 Martian 1: We'll restrict ourselves to recon flights, mutilating cattle, and abducting people with no credibility for embarrassing probing experiments.
3 Martian 2: What about the psychics who will correctly divine our existence?
4 Martian 1: We'll feed them some rubbish about wanting to bring peace and universal harmony. Nobody will believe that.

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This could be played two different ways by the Martians.

A. The option of choice is to present a message of peace and universal harmony, in the knowledge that nobody in their right mind would believe such a thing, thus discrediting the only people who really have a direct insight into their existence - the psychics.

B. Present a message of peace and universal harmony, but shoot to kill.

(Honestly, I'm not trying to mention every single damn page in TV Tropes. It's just that when I do a tiny bit of research to find something to say in these annotations, they inevitably pop up. Quit writing so darn much interesting stuff about pop culture, guys!!)

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