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<   No. 2415   2009-09-06   >

Comic #2415

1 Steve: Etultainyë halda ëala Valarauko. Nalyë alta ar taura. Miquinyë tallya ar etelehtainyë hirdinya alcarlyanna.
1 Terry: Steve! No!!!
2 Terry: Steve! You summoned a Balrog!
2 Steve: Crikey! I 'ope 'e wasn't busy somewhere.
3 Terry: Oh seriously, who would be disappointed to have a Balrog vanish from their presence?
4 Head Death: Told you.

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Sort of apropos to this strip, I just wanted to share a cool font called Code 2000.

What's so special about this font? It's a font with support for over 60,000 different characters. All those characters you need for Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, and so on. All the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. It implements vast chunks of the Unicode standard. Vast chunks.

It also implements the non-official Unicode "Private Use Area" de facto standards for scripts that haven't been included in Unicode, such as Klingon, and the two scripts invented by J. R. R. Tolkien for writing the elvish and dwarvish languages of Middle-earth: Tengwar and Cirth.

If you ever find yourself needing to write stuff in any of these languages, you might find this uber-cool font handy.

Having said that, I did originally intend to write Steve's opening incantation in Tengwar, but I decided that it actually sounded so cool that it was better to display it in Latin characters so people who aren't Tolkien language nerds can read it. Or at least read the sounds.

2023-03-21 Rerun commentary: The Lego books don't have any text printed in them. I added that text inside the book in Photoshop.

And wow, that Code2000 website is still there. And still looks like a website from 2009.

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