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<   No. 254   2003-10-06   >

Comic #254

1 {A map of Europe, with the standard red dashed line leading towards Berlin from London}
2 Good Haken: {in a cockpit with Prof. Jones and Monty} Turn die plane to der starboard a bit. Die red line is down there.

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Thanks to zem for this punchline.

And yes, thanks to all those who wrote to tell me this is a map of pre-World War I Europe. In fact it's a map of Europe in 1911. I tried to locate an online map of Europe in the 1930s of high enough quality that I could use it for comics, but I haven't been able to locate one yet.

2012-08-21 Rerun commentary: It's interesting that they started in London according to this map. This implies by working backwards that either:

(a) The immediately preceding series of events in which they find the Spear of Longinus takes place somewhere in or near London, or

(b) they have travelled to London first from wherever it was that they found the Spear.

Those modern seekers of the Spear may use this comic as part of a chain of evidence to drive their search.

(Hint: It's in Jrfgzvafgre Noorl. Under Vfnnp Arjgba.)

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