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<   No. 2591   2010-03-01   >

Comic #2591

1 Prof. Jones: The Aegis of Athena, huh? We could use Dr Smith's help on this one.
2 Monty: Unfortunately, dad, the Nazis have her help at the moment.
3 Prof. Jones: Oh, that's too bad. She's an expert on Ancient Greek artefacts.
4 Monty: What are we, chopped liver?!
4 Prof. Jones: Mmmm... liverwurst.

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Before looking it up to write this annotation, I never really knew what chopped liver was, exactly. I mean, I figured it was probably liver, chopped up into small pieces and cooked somehow, but I've never been exposed to the actual dish, nor even heard of it beyond the expression, "What am I? Chopped liver?"

And ya know, it doesn't sound all that bad. We ate a fair bit of liver when I was a kid. I didn't like it as much as other meats, but it was okay, and probably got me a lot of necessary vitamins. Liverwurst I've always kind of liked, and a good pâté is just wonderful.

2024-05-25 Rerun commentary: On the other hand, we also had kidneys a bit when I was younger. Beef kidneys I presume. My mother got us quite a lot of offal, probably because it was cheaper than other meat, as we didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up. I definitely did not like the kidneys anywhere near as much as liver, and never developed a taste for them. I tried a steak and kidney pie a little while back, and yeah, it brought back bad memories and I didn't enjoy it.

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