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<   No. 2750   2010-08-07   >

Comic #2750

1 Caption: Stratford-upon-Avon, 1585.
1 SFX: ZUUURCH! {time machine disappears}
2 {scene change: inside the time machine}
2 Isaac Newton: William Shakespeare?! He's not even a scientist! Think, Mr Halley!!
3 Edmond Halley: My apologies, Mr Newton. I got carried away grabbing famous historical personages. Shall we return him to 1585?
4 Isaac Newton: Too late. We're curving through the 1990s already. Just push him out the door.

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The photo in the first panel is one I took myself of the house William Shakespeare grew up in, in Stratford-upon-Avon. It's an interesting place to visit, but absolutely crawling with tourists.

Although you can't see any in the photo. I was patient enough to wait until there was nobody walking in front of the building to take the photo. It took quite some time.

The house is in remarkably good condition, considering how old it is. It's a museum now, of course.

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