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<   No. 299   2003-11-20   >

Comic #299

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Now, Mr Steve, I must warn you that by accepting the office of King, you are dedicating yourself to Nigeria.
2 Steve: Crikey! No worries.
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: You are pledging to defend Nigeria to the death!
4 Steve: I've stared Death in the face before. I even wrestled him once.

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Steve is of course referring to this incident.

2012-10-12 Rerun commentary: And speaking of pasting in backgrounds behind windows, it looks like the weather has finally brightened up in Nigeria.

Later on I developed a cloudy sky rendering macro in Photoshop to help with these sorts of situations - which I'll probably overlook pointing out when it first appears. So consider yourself informed.

The Nigerian Finance Minister here still uses the LEGO Basketball arms, since I still didn't have any dark-skinned regular minifig hands to use. The Basketball hands don't rotate like the regular minifig hands, which is why he's holding them in that way. And the Basketball arms are not clad - it's brown skin all the way up to the elbows. Which is why the colour of his sleeves don't match the colour of his suit very well - I had to recolour them manually in my graphics program.

Wow... the production of this comic really got a lot easier over time. It was a nightmare at this early stage.

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