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<   No. 3028   2011-05-12   >

Comic #3028

1 {scene: The Oval Office}
1 Julie: Mr President. We've detected incursions into history. Berlin in 1933, to be precise. Our timeline is under threat!
2 Allosaurus: RAAARRRHH!!
3 Julie: Our best agent, yes sir! Right away!
4 Man in Black: {appearing suddenly} There's no such thing as a covert black ops reality protection unit with me as its crack field operative.

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Previously for the gardens outside President Allosaurus's windows, I've used a photo of the gardens around California's State Capitol in Sacramento that I took in 2004, as I've previously mentioned.

This time, however, I've had to back up many of my old photos from my computer's internal hard drive to redundant external backups to clear up some space for new photos. So my 2004 photos aren't easily accessible any more. However, I do have a photo I took of the exact same gardens in Sacramento in 1990 on my Flickr account, so I used that here instead. It does have the slight disadvantage of showing the California Capitol building in the background, but I figured that was less of an issue than digging out my external backup drives just to find one photo.

The interesting thing about this photo is that I only realised after I got back home to Australia that it shows the US flag flying on the Capitol building at half-mast. I took the photo on 30 June, 1990, and despite trying, I've never managed to find out why the flag was flying at half-mast on that day. I presume someone important to the Government of California had recently died, but I've never tracked down who it might be.

If anyone knows, I'd appreciate an e-mail or a forum comment about it.

EDIT: Some possibilities:

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