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<   No. 3094   2011-07-17   >

Comic #3094

1 Ginny: It's imperative we stop the Nazi war effort. They're working on an atomic bomb.
2 Monty: "Atomic bomb?"
3 Ginny: It will have the destructive force of hundreds of tons of TNT, and produce lethal radiation across a mile or more!
4 Monty: Hmmm. You could shelter in a metal box, like a refrigerator.
4 Ginny: Don't be stupid! That would never save you!

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I realised a while ago that a decent explanation for the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is that Indy does indeed die in the infamous fridge incident, and that everything that happens afterwards is merely a fevered dream running through his head in his last moments on Earth.

I checked TV Tropes' Wild Mass Guessing page for Indiana Jones, and was only mildly surprised to find this theory already listed there (under the heading "The majority of the fourth movie is Indy's Dying Dream as he is killed by the nuclear blast.").

All that aside, I actually enjoyed Crystal Skull. It wasn't up to the standards of the two good films, and certainly had annoying bits, but I didn't mind that the theme had evolved into a post-war zeitgeist. Indy lives in a fantastic setting, not the real world, after all.

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