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<   No. 3193   2011-10-24   >

Comic #3193

1 Paul Blutrach: {a witness} I saw some dude running up the street there, then I found the body!
2 Officer Frank McGillicuddy: Ah, Detective, I'm glad you're here.
3 Officer Frank McGillicuddy: There's a medical examiner here already - it's a new guy.
3 Detective Harry Georgeson: So? He didn't get sick on the stiff, did he?
4 Officer Frank McGillicuddy: You'll see. He's in there with the body.
4 Detective Harry Georgeson: Well, search the area for clues. I'll go inside and check things out.
5 Caption: Inside...
5 Medical Examiner Leland Jones: What?
6 {zoom out; we see the victim Chip Philson lying dead on the floor with a cutlass in his back. Leland is wearing boxing gloves}
6 Medical Examiner Leland Jones: I was taught you always wear gloves at a crime scene!

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Today's guest strip is by Dennis Price of Glomshire Knights, a medieval(ish) adventure strip whose current storyline involves the search for a magical talisman that may or may not prevent an attack by an undead army being created by an evil wizard. Starring Gil (a rather thick-witted but well-meaning ranger), Ewart (a reluctant soldier/adventurer), and Bob the Wizard (a wizard), the strip chronicles life in the exciting medieval fantasy land of Glomshire, a kingdom located somewhen. It looks a bit like it could be not far from where Lambert, Draak, and the gang hang out. Yes, it's that sort of place.

Glomshire Knights updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It also boasts some of the most lusciously built and photographed LEGO sets I've seen in any comic. Dennis clearly knows his 2×4 bricks from his Hinge Brick 1×2 Locking with 2 Fingers on End Horizontals!

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This material is presented in accordance with the LEGO® Fair Play Guidelines.

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