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<   No. 3238   2012-07-29   >

Comic #3238

1 {photo of paint peeling off a wooden garage door}
1 Caption: Cleaning House

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There's just over an hour to go before this annotation is scheduled to be published, and I'm sitting here typing this. I have most of another annotation written, but I'm running out of time and I want to give it the time it deserves. So a bit of filler today, I'm afraid.

Why have I been busy? Well, I've spent most of the weekend housecleaning. Not your regular weekly vacuuming and dusting. Not the once-a-month more thorough clean up. Not even the annual spring clean involving going through all the piles of stuff everywhere and sorting it into stuff to throw out and stuff to actually put away, somewhere.

No, this is the the sort of houseclean you do once a decade at the most. Where all the furniture gets moved. Where the entire dining table and 80% of the living room floor is covered in piles of stuff that is usually stored away in cupboards - and will stay that way until next weekend when we have the time to put it all away again. Where the pictures have come down from the walls. Where I'm rewiring the entire entertainment system and its multiple speakers because I'm replacing various components. Where places that haven't seen the light of day since the Atlanta Olympic Games are vacuumed and cleaned out of dust bunnies, webs, and the dry, shrivelled shells of spiders. Where everything gets washed and cleaned, and the walls get an anti-mould treatment. We're not actually repainting, but gosh, given the state of the house at the moment, we probably could without too much additional effort.

I've been so busy I haven't even had any time to watch any of the Olympic Games.

I like watching sport. I know many people are cynical about the Olympics these days. About how big and hyped it is, and how all the world's media attention is so focused on it.

But isn't it nice that the biggest, most media-covered event in the world is one devoted to the ideals of peace, friendliness, fair play, and hope for the future?

Something more next week. Now, I have to go cook my dinner.

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