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<   No. 334   2003-12-25   >

Comic #334

1 Spanners: We're under attack! Quick! Defence plan Zeta!
2 Spanners: {Outside scene showing two ships} Watch out, they're coming in on heading 231. New course: Heading 435, mark 7!
3 Spanners: {Back on the bridge} What are you waiting for! They're nearly on us!
4 Iki Piki: Sorry, I can never keep those things straight - is mark 7 "left a bit" or "up a bit"?

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2012-11-22 Rerun commentary: Oooh, the first external view of the Legacy, the ship that the Space characters get around in. That's it on the lower right of panel 2, being pursued by the other ship. Obviously that's a LEGO representation of the Legacy. Later on I'd use a ray-traced (or CGI) version of the same ship. Both the LEGO version and the CGI version are based on an actual deckplan of the ship that I drew up for use during the roleplaying session I ran, on which this theme is based. So they're all largely consistent with one another, though of course the details of the surface textures are a bit different.

Zeta, by the way, is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. I wanted something a little more exotic than the usual "Attack Pattern Delta" or "Attack Pattern Alpha".

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