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<   No. 333   2003-12-24   >

Comic #333

1 [caption]: Here comes Azathoth! Here comes Azathoth! Right down Azathoth lane! Nyarlathotep and all his shoggoths are driving you insane.
2 [caption]: Men are dreaming, children screaming; all their faces are white. Gibber like mad and say your prayers, 'Cause Azathoth comes tonight!
3 [caption]: Here comes Azathoth! Here comes Azathoth! Right down Azathoth lane! He's got an avatar piping madly for that sanity drain.
4 [caption]: Hear those victims gibber and die, What an unspeakable sight. Jump in bed, cover up your head, 'Cause Azathoth comes tonight!

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For those of you mercifully ignorant of the unspeakable horrors that are Azathoth and his attendant Nyarlathotep, behold.

And for the rest of you, you always knew Nyarlathotep was made out of Bionicles, didn't you? How else can he change his appearance seemingly at will?

Merry Christmas. Sleep well...

2012-11-21 Rerun commentary: Ah, the first of what would become a regular Christmas Eve tradition here on Irregular Webcomic! - the Cthulhu mythos Christmas carol. While it's approaching Christmas season for this rerun, we're not quite there yet. Oh well.

Despite the song here being primarily about Azathoth, the giant LEGO figure in the first three panels is actually Azathoth's child and servant Nyarlathotep. Mainly because he was much easier to build out of LEGO pieces. Although as noted it did take Bionicle bits to construct such a hideously misshapen form.

The original tune for this is Here Comes Santa Claus, which to me always brings to mind the scene near the end of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, in which.... oh, I won't spoil it for you. If you want a Christmas movie that is hilarious rather than schmaltzy, check it out.

Azathoth in panel 4 is a ray-traced 3-D model I built in POV-Ray, placed in front of a starfield. Pretty gross, huh?

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