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<   No. 3411   2015-08-09   >

Comic #3411

1 Alvissa: The Great City of Rivendeep, you say? It's on the southern coast, at the mouth of the broad river Caluna.
2 Lambert: Is that anywhere near the mighty Elusian river?
3 Alvissa: No. We need to cross the Vast Stone Desert to reach it.
4 Mordakai: Just once I'd like to go on a quest that's just across the street.
4 Lambert: That's a pub!
4 Mordekai: Exactly!

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Trust Alvissa to know a bit more about the geography of their world than the rest of them.

If you're wondering if there's a map of this world that I'm working off: No, there isn't. I'm just inventing geography as I need it. Much like most authors, I suspect.

There is now a tradition of many fantasy novels supplying a map of the world at the front of the book - something which quite possibly had its roots in Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. But making such a map before starting to write is a significant amount of work, and I'd be surprised if many writers actually bothered doing it that way around.

I'm just speculating on my own intuitions here, but I'd guess that many fantasy world maps are put together after the fact, once the writer has already put into words some of the geographic relationships.

If anyone wants to trawl through the geographic hints mentioned in the comics and draw a map of the world these adventurers inhabit, please let me know!

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