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<   No. 3481   2016-04-10   >

Comic #3481

1 Minnesota Jones: The ruins of Tintagel Castle. Where shall we look first?
2 Monty: There's an English village not half a mile up the road! Archaeologists have gone over this place with fine tooth combs decades ago!
3 Monty: It's not like we're going to trip over some clue to the whereabouts of some mythical magical swor—
3 SFX: Trip!
4 {Monty is sprawled headlong on the ground}
4 Prof. Jones: {picking up the thing Monty tripped over} I told you he'd come in useful on this expedition.

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As with the previous strip, the background is a photo I took myself at Tintagel, and that really is the ruins of the real Tintagel Castle.

It's a fascinating and beautiful and eerie place to visit. If you're ever in the vicinity of Cornwall (and let's face it, the entirety of the island of Britain is in the vicinity of Cornwall[1]), I recommend it.

[1] On this trip my wife and I stayed in a small inn in Tintagel (not the Camelot Castle Hotel). After spending the night, we were having breakfast in the inn's dining room and struck up a conversation with an English couple at an adjacent table. We told them we were doing a driving trip, hopping between towns each day. They asked where we were heading today. We said Bath. They said, "Oh!! That's so far!!"

Note: It's less than three hours' drive!

At first when they said this we thought we must have made some mistake in our calculations and that it must have been 12 or 14 hours to get to Bath, because that's the sort of distance that would have been required before we would have been surprised at how far someone was planning to travel that day. It seems English people have a very different sense of "a long way to drive" than Australians do.

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