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<   No. 3498   2016-06-09   >

Comic #3498

1 Jamie: Look, we're not going to Glasgow. There's nothing interesting or amusing there.
2 Adam: Okay, okay, fine. I'll get us straight to Loch Ness - by the most direct route possible.
3 Caption: Later:
3 Adam: Right, I've done some research and booked some flights online.
4 Jamie: Where to?
4 Adam: Two tickets to Glasgow International Airport!

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Okay, I don't want to get any emails from readers from Glasgow, all up in arms about Jamie relating the fact that there's nothing interesting or amusing there.*

Okay, sure, Googling "interesting things in Glasgow" brings up a bunch of lists. Let's check some out:

The number one top interesting thing to do in Glasgow according to TimeOut is... visit a cemetery. The number 3 thing is visit a brewery. In fact, two of the top ten things on TripAdvisor's list are also breweries.

Check out, or drown your sorrows! Draw your own conclusions!

* Actually, it does beat Brisbane, Australia. Once when I was visiting there, I searched for the best things to do in Brisbane. The top item on every list I found was "Go to the Gold Coast". Which is 80 kilometres away. That's right, the number one top fun thing to do in Brisbane is to leave Brisbane.**

** I related this fact one day to a co-worker who hails from Brisbane, in an attempt to rile him up. His comment was, "Yeah, fair enough."

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