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<   No. 351   2004-01-11   >

Comic #351

1 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: The King is in trouble! He's been arrested in Australia!
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: Yes, I know, don't worry. It's all under control.
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: We've sent the best legal expert in all of Nigeria to represent him at trial.
4 {Scene change: inside the court}
4 Nigerian Legal Expert: But Your Honour, everything he's done is 100% LEGAL!!!!

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Ah, courtroom drama, that timeless classic genre.

The courtroom is the biggest and most complex set I've constructed yet for Irregular Webcomic! Don't worry, you'll be seeing more of it soon.

2012-12-12 Rerun commentary: For starters, that's the actual Australian Coat of Arms on the wall behind the judge. A little bigger than it appears in actual courtrooms.

Actual courtroom ones aren't printed on paper and cut out and stuck to the wall with Blu-Tack either.

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