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<   No. 3515   2016-08-07   >

Comic #3515

1 Steve: The beehive! Crikey! It's like a cathedral.
2 Jane Goodall: It's not commonly known that historically bees used to be very religious. They have their own creation story and a prophet said to be the offspring of the bee-God herself.
3 Jane Goodall: For over a thousand generations, the bee priests were the guardians of peace and justice in the hive. Before the dark times... before the bee mites.
4 Terry: Then what happened?
4 Jane Goodall: The mites scared the bee-Jesus out of them.

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Yeah, I know beehives typically have hexagonal patterns, but unfortunately LEGO don't make hexagonal building blocks. Well, yeah, okay, not many anyway.

Several people have posted various concept designs for hexagonal building blocks* that owe a lot to the LEGO design, though. It would be nice if LEGO decided to manufacture some blocks like these.

* Scroll down to "fun grid fact #10".

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