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<   No. 3534   2016-10-07   >

Comic #3534

1 Mercutio: I've bought us some professional quality film gear. Cameras, lights, etc. And I'm studying how to use them.
2 Shakespeare: I'm almost finished writing an original screenplay. It'll be ready tomorrow.
3 Mercutio: Hey, where's she going?
4 Ophelia: {off panel} Huh, I am in the right office.

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I realised too late as I was making this strip, well after taking the photos, that Ophelia was walking off to the left, resulting in her off-panel speech bubble having to come from the direction of the previous panel.

If I'd thought about this more before shooting the photos, I would have had her walk off the other way, so the bubble could point out of the comic, rather than back into it.

But looking at it now, it's not so bad after all. What's more, I always think of the door to the office being off to the left, not off to the right. (Which is why I had her walk left in the first place.)

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