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<   No. 3557   2016-11-17   >

Comic #3557

1 Shakespeare: Okay, so here's the rough outline of my script.
2 Shakespeare: It's about a prince, whose father has been murdered by his own brother to usurp the throne.
3 Shakespeare: The father's ghost encourages the prince to overthrow his uncle and reclaim his rightful place.
4 Mercutio: This is a rip-off of The Lion King, isn't it?

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Despite having studied Hamlet at high school, I didn't notice the similarities to Disney's The Lion King until I read an analysis of it some years after the first time I saw it. I remember at the time my thought processes were something like: "What? It's based on Hamlet? That's not right... It can't be... Wait... Evil uncle kills father... Oh my god, it totally is!"

Of course there are differences, but also many similarities. The real clincher is that the writers admit that they used elements of Hamlet in the story.

But that's perfectly fine. Ripping off Shakespeare is a time honoured tradition...

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