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<   No. 3687   2017-07-03   >

Comic #3687

1 Angela: Grady, my nephew, do you mean to tell me you've invented a time machine?
2 Shakespeare: Why yes, Aunt Jessica! We can go back in time and see interesting historical events unfold.
3 Angela: Maybe I can go back to when I was young and beautiful. Ha ha!
3 Shakespeare: Ha ha!
4 Mercutio: You've got the part!
4 Ophelia: And Will is going to rewrite this dialogue.

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Although I've been cast in two stage productions[1] and appeared in an Emmy award winning film[2], I don't believe I've ever done an audition. When you're as talented as me, you simply don't need to, daaarlings!

[1] My high school production of The Dracula Spectacula (I was cast as a "village idiot"), and a university production of Little Shop of Horrors (I got drafted in to play Audrey II when they were desperate for a puppeteer).

[2] Star Wars Uncut (I play Han Solo saying the line "Get in there!" to Chewbacca on the Death Star cell block).

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