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<   No. 3784   2017-12-19   >

Comic #3784

1 Adam: It's good that that Scottish mining engineer could help us get the submarine into Loch Ness.
2 Adam: And he even supplied us with a means of propulsion!
3 Jamie: Yes...
4 Jamie: Still, I'd have been happier if he hadn't just bolted on an outboard motor and rolled it into the Loch, with us inside.

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I tried to think of some method of propulsion that would be ridiculous for a submarine, and I decided an outboard motor would be suitable. These are the detachable, self-contained motors you see bolted or clamped on to the back of small boats.

Little did I count on reality to go one better. Not only have there been serious proposals to use outboard motors on submarines, but in 1961 General Electric was promoting the idea of nuclear outboard motors for submarines.

When reality one-ups the Tim Taylor technology of your parody Mythbusters, you know things are right in the world.

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