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<   No. 3834   2018-03-16   >

Comic #3834

1 Spanners: We have 30 seconds of real time to install the autopilot before we crash...
2 Spanners: Can we not argue about the existence or otherwise of cryptocurrencies in Star Trek?
3 Serron: Did you know Star Trek has been in production for so long that the show is now set over a century in the past?
4 Spanners: And yet they still have computer systems with more intuitive UIs than anything in the real world.

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Actually by the 23rd century I'm semi-optimistic that we will finally have learnt that consuming a significant fraction of our civilisation's energy budget, thus causing significant ecological damage, simply to generate abstract data that has no inherent value or usefulness, and only serves to make wealthy people wealthier at the expense of all of humanity, is a bad idea.

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