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<   No. 384   2004-02-13   >

Comic #384

1 Erwin: Herr Kolonel Haken, I think we need to discuss die overall Nazi strategic planning.
1 Haken: Ja, ja.
2 Erwin: I am thinking, perhaps we are too rigid in our approach to der struggle for ultimate supremacy.
2 Haken: What do you mean...?
3 Erwin: Being just a brain is limiting die Führer. We should look at replacing him.
3 Haken: Erwin! How dare you suggest...
4 Erwin: Oh, come on Herr Kolonel! Remember he flubbed that crucial double play against der Fascisti in die final?!

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Readers with a good memory may recall The Nazi staff softball team were playing in an Axis Powers competition including their arch-rivals, Mussolini's Fascisti, a while ago. Evidently they lost.

2013-01-19 Rerun commentary: I'm sure the Nazi leaders planned strategy sitting around long tables like this.

Softball strategy, of course.

Apparently softball was invented as a baseball variant in the 19th century, but only started to become popular after a tournament held at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. So the Nazis and Mussolini's Fascists seem to be fairly early adopters of the sport.

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