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<   No. 383   2004-02-12   >

Comic #383

1 [sound]: {Charity Collector Guy knocking} Knock! Knock!
2 Charity Collector Guy: Show pride in your Australian heritage; buy a boomerang for charity!
2 Steve: Crikey! Of course! Are sales good?
3 Charity Collector Guy: Sales have been great, but we're not making much money.
3 Steve: Why not?
4 Charity Collector Guy: We get a lot of returns.

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Let's play shift the blame again. Andy Weir, author of Casey & Andy is not satisfied with inflicting his jokes on people in his own comic, he has to do it here too! Go teach him a lesson by reading and appreciating his comic!

2013-01-18 Rerun commentary: Wow, you can see the punchline for this comic coming from a mile away. Still funny though!!

One of the cool things about growing up in Australia - at least for me - was getting boomerang throwing lessons in P.E. classes at school. I kid you not. To this day, I still remember how to throw a boomerang properly, so that it will return. (It's not obvious if you've never seen it done.)

After teaching us how to throw the boomerangs, and assuring we could all get them to return to roughly where we threw them from (within a margin of error of a few metres), our P.E. teacher lined the class up along the goal line of one of the school soccer fields and said, "Now we're going to play Space Invaders! When I count three, everyone throw at once!"

And he did. And we did. And then we all ran for cover as 30 spinning, whirling, blades of wood came hurtling back at us.

Ah, the good old days.

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