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<   No. 3897   2018-12-25   >

Comic #3897

1 Monty: We're still awaiting Miss Thoroughgood's telegram from San Francisco to tell us where Ginny and Erwin are searching.
2 Monty: Hopefully it'll arrive in the morning.
3 Prof. Jones: Maybe Merlin will visit during the night again.
3 Monty: That was a dream, dad!
4 Prof. Jones: Do you think if I dreamt someone up to visit my bedroom at night, I'd have settled on an old bearded guy?

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I was about to start typing that Professor Jones embodies the deadly sin of Lust. But then I realised he's actually far more Gluttony than anything else. And in fact Sloth isn't far off the mark either.

At least he doesn't suffer from the other four. Well, he might have a touch of Pride, but not enough to be particularly notable.

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