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<   No. 3972   2019-04-16   >

Comic #3972

1 Monty: I've bought us tickets for the overnight train to Al Balyana, the nearest town to Abydos.
1 Prof. Jones: First class, I hope.
2 Monty: We're saving the world, dad, not having a pleasure trip.
2 Prof. Jones: That doesn't mean we have to rough it.
3 Prof. Jones: In fact, to be in peak world saving condition, I need to be rested and well fed!
4 Minnesota Jones: And enjoying a brandy and a cigar.
4 Prof. Jones: Do we have time to buy smoking jackets?

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There is a train line from Cairo to Al Balyana (or El Balyana; I think the transliteration from Arabic is ambiguous). And it existed as early as 1908 according to this map, so it's certainly not anachronistic for the Joneses to travel there by train.

However when I tried to get Google Maps to give me directions, it steadfastly refused to recommend a train trip to me, offering me only a choice of driving 6 and a quarter hours... or walking for 102 hours. I feel that if walking is preferable to catching the train, then maybe there's something about the train that Google isn't quite telling me.

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