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<   No. 4151   2019-12-23   >

Comic #4151

1 Han: All right I got you to Alderaan. Where’s the rest of my 17,000?
2 Luke: Alderaan’s been blown up! It’s not here!
2 Han: Not my problem, kid.
3 Obi-Wan: You remember that bit where you agreed to “no Imperial entanglements”?
3 Han: Yeah...?
4 Obi-Wan: Breach of contract, sucker!

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It recently occurred to me that Han did not fulfil the terms of his agreement with Obi-Wan, to transport him, the boy, two droids, and no questions asked, to Alderaan, with no Imperial entanglements. So he should never have been paid the money that he needed to pay off Jabba the Hutt.

No wonder Jabba didn't want to let him go.

To make this strip, I decided to use my phone as a screen to display a starfield behind the cockpit window, and then also to display the TIE fighter that you see in the final panel. Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos showing the set-up.

Behind the scenes photos

(You can also see the Abydos set from the last Cliffhangers strip, still set up in the background.)

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