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<   No. 4185   2020-02-07   >

Comic #4185

1 {scene: Abydos, Egypt. Exterior}
1 Monty: We’re not going to find Dr Smith and Erwin by wandering around Abydos at random.
2 Prof. Jones: We’ll ask some people if they’ve seen them.
3 Monty: People aren’t going to tell you where she is if you just go up and ask, “Oi! You! Seen a Dr Smith anywhere?”
4 Prof. Jones: Well not if you ask like that they won’t!

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One-humped camels, or dromedaries, are native to northern Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and nearby parts of the Near East, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and as far as north-western India. They also roam wild across much of central Australia, having been introduced there in 1840 and having subsequently gone feral.

Two-humped camels, or bactrians, are generally found further east, across the steppes of central Russia, Mongolia, and China, but extending eastwards as far as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where their range overlaps with that of the dromedary.

There's a third species of camel, the wild bactrian camel, which is the last remaining truly wild species of camel (as opposed to domesticated or feral). It has a tiny range in parts of the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts of China and Mongolia, and has an estimated population of only around 1400 individuals, making it critically endangered.

The species seen in the background here is of course a dromedary.

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