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<   No. 421   2004-03-21   >

Comic #421

1 Stud: {on a public phone at Kingston airport} Hello, Government House? James Stud, Universal Exports. {a shifty looking blond man in dark glasses hovers in the background, observing}
2 {scene change: Governor's aide Pleydell-Smith's office at Government House}
2 Pleydell-Smith: {on phone} Welcome to Jamaica, Mr Stud. London informed us you'd be arriving. Shall we meet for lunch? One o'clock?
3 Stud: Oh, business... Sorry, I was thinking I'd just go to the beach and look for Ursula Andress.
4 Pleydell-Smith: You do realise you don't get that scene for another 44 minutes of screen time?

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Yes, that's the correct time between the actual scenes in Dr. No.

And not only did I check the timing on my DVD, I remembered to correct for the 4% difference in timing between the 25 frames per second of PAL video and 24 frames per second of film. The time on my DVD was about 42.5 minutes. So if you're nerdy enough to try checking my time for accuracy, keep that in mind.

2013-03-04 Rerun commentary: Woo, visual foreshadowing! The guy in sunglasses lurking around behind James will later be revealed to be none other than Helix Leiter, of the CIA, who will be an ally of Stud.

This echoes the same scene in the film, in which Felix Leiter can be seen lurking in the background as James Bond calls in from the airport.

The Governor's aide Mr Pleydell-Smith is never named in the movie, though the character name does appear in the credits, and he is named in the novel on which the film is based. I don't think he's ever given a first name.

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